Maslenitsa is the Russian Sun Festival – a celebration of the end of winter chills and the start of Spring, of warmth,
of hope, of growth. Not surprisingly, it is a particularly big deal in Russia!
Russian Maslenitsa festival
8 -15 February 2015
Welcome Message from the Mayor
Sunday 8 February at 7.00pm
Cadogan Hall
The British Premiere of the Oratoio “St. Matthew Passion” by
Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev
Moscow Synodal Choir and
Russian Orchestra of London
Monday 9 February at 6.00pm
Mari Vanna
Russian cuisine evening
Tuesday 10 February at 10.30am
Baglioni Hotel
Master - class
"Recent trends in fashion - Spring-Summer 2015"
and a new collection by the fashion designer Masha Tsigal
Wednesday 11 February at 6.30pm
Erarta Gallery
Art evening at Margo Trushina’s
"Borderlines" exhibition
Thursday 12 February at 6.30pm
Exhibition of Zhostovo trays,
Bogorodsk carvery and Fedoskino paintings
Thursday 12 February at 6.30pm
Waterstone's Piccadilly
Literature event with Boris Akunin
Friday 13 February at 6.30pm
Pushkin House
"Awaiting Maslenitsa" – Event
with the Russian Village Music Club “IZBA”
and Polina Proutskova
Saturday 14 February at 3.00pm
Children’s event "Matryoshki-Balalaiki"
Saturday 14 February at 3.30pm
Pushkin House
Screening of the film
By Alexei Uchitel "Eight"
Saturday 14 February at 7.00pm
Concert "Russian Balalaika"
Sunday 15 February at 7.30pm
Theatre Britten,
The Royal College of Music
The final “Maslenitsa” concert with the participation of the State Dmitri Pokrovsky
Ensemble, the Soloist’ Instrumental Ensemble of the State “Berezka” Ensemble and
group “Kvatro”.
For more details please contact the festival organisers
Ensemble Productions on +44 20 3819 7070
or email

Maslenitsa Poetry and Drawing Competition
Please apply to:
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “London is jammed packed with cultures from across the globe and the week-long Maslenitsa festival is the perfect opportunity for Londoners to find out more about the rich cultural diversity of the Russian community in the capital. Best of luck to all involved for what looks set to be an inspired and exciting week.”

Boris Johnson
TV Reports
Great celebration
Maslenitsa 2012
Welcome message from the Mayor of London to Maslenitsa 2013!
Performers at Maslenitsa 2014
Cossack Ensemble "Sacma"
Dima Bilan
Dina Garipova
DJ Boyara
Liudmila Nikolaeva
Moscow Music Hall
Russian Soul
Masha Tsigal is speaking after her show at London's Baglioni Hotel as part of Russian Festival Maslenitsa 2015.
Welcome massage for Maslenitsa in London 2015. Maslenitsa Celebration Concert is on Sunday 15 February 2015 at the Britten Theatre.